The Main Application of Led high bay light and how to choose the right led high

With improvement in Science,led high bay light is more and more widely used in warehouse lighting.

Compared with traditional light, the advantage of led high bay light is very obvious.

1.Wide voltage power supply,it will works in great safety.

2.High light efficiency.

3. Environmental protection

4.long life-span, Reduce the cost of replacement and maintenance 

5 Energy saving and environmental protection


The main application of led high bay light:



Exhibition hall



How to choose the right led high bay light?


1.The installation height, the wattage is different ,light design solutions can be provided.


2.The price is not the only consider factor for choosing the led high bay light, the high quality and long warranty is also important. Our products with high quality, the warranty is 3 years at least.


3.For the same appearance of led high bay light, the weight of the product is different,about a Jerry led high bay light, its weight will be much lighter. So lead to the wattage is not enough.