2016 the LED lighting trends

LED lighting technology is advancing rapidly, and there are more and more excellent LED products to provide more amazing lighting for the human beings. These new products are changing the way we think of light fixtures. The light emitting diodes– the small lamps that create the light are now so reliable, efficient and long lasting that for many applications, the concept of changing burned out light bulbs is becoming obsolete. This means that the lighting fixture you place in your kitchen, dining room, bath or back yard can now come with the LED integrated into the design, and the LED will last as long as the fixture itself.

With the development of the LED light, there are some trends in the new LED market, so what should we pay our attention to the LED lights? Here are some points.


Lower Costs

Customers are often selecting LED lighting based on retail price. Judy Lin reports for LEDinside that “standard and mid-power LEDs with good C/P ratio often meet these LED lighting products lower price demands, for instance 3030 and 2835 LEDs have become mainstream on the market.”


LED Use in Automotives

As product prices have fallen, reports show that the use of LED lights in automotive headlights such as Daytime Running Lights and high/low beam lights has spread from high-class models to middle-class models.


Cloud-Based Smart Lighting

As cloud computing expands, companies are looking to add smart controls such as dimming and automation to their building lighting systems through remote control made possible by the cloud. Companies with a large number of facilities to control are especially interested in this option to be able to control energy consumption.

As one of the high-tech product, the LED lights must keep up with the human beings’ demand to improve itself. The human society has entered the green, wireless transform and rapid move time; the LED light will also tend to this direction.